15 May, 2017

Snail Moisturiser by Skin Chemists London

When you think of moisturiser you don't necessarily think of snails ... but hear me out.
Snail moisturiser is actually a thing and it's pretty good for your skin! I'm always up for trying new skincare products especially if they are going to help, so after reviewing the Bee Venom serum I thought I may as well try out the Snail Moisturiser.

Snail moisturisers are really nothing new it's actually been used for years in skin products and recently in the last 5-10 years, it has become very popular in South Korea.

Skin Chemists London has launched their very own snail moisturiser, their Advanced Skin Duo Moisturiser.
The moisturiser uses snail excretion, which may I first jump in and explain that it has been filtered many times to only use the good stuff! However as weird as it may sound it is packed full of vitamins, proteins and Proteolytic Enzymes, which all does wonders for our skin!

These key ingredients aim to delay the appearance of ageing and to provide protection from free radical damage such as the sun's UV rays.
As well as to protect and rejuvenate our skin, it is full of moisturising properties to nourish our skin. I don't know about you, but my skin has been ever so dry with the cold weather,  I can honestly say that since using this my skin has become incredibly soft and re-hydrated.

 So let's  have a look at the key ingredients to see what you're actually putting on your skin. I always like to check what I'm

using on my skin, I like it to be cruelty-free and with as many natural ingredients as possible.

Key Ingredients 

Snail Secretion -  Aims to delay premature ageing of the skin, whilst reducing visible age spots and providing protection from free radical damage.

Tiare Flower Extract - works to hydrate, repair, soothe and purify the skin.

Vitamin E Acetate - aims to moisturise the skin whilst providing protection against skin damage from the sun and its UV rays.

Creatine - Imitates an amino acid found naturally within the skin, its job is to revitalise cell energy metabolism, whilst hydrating and protecting the skin.

I can also say that the snails are not harmed during the process of the secretion extraction and once used they are returned to their home. Just like with the Bee venom their methods of extraction is entirely humane.

So after testing out the snail moisturiser, I can say that I have a much more hydrated and softer skin, my complexion is also much more smoothed out there isn't any redness and I haven't really had any spots as of yet.
I would definitely recommend using this product and just for my readers, I have a code where you can get your very own snail Duo Moisturiser for an offer of just £19.99 when you use the code: ANDREA1 on the Skin Chemist London website, normal retail price is £99.90.

*I was kindly sent this product in exchange for an honest review.


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