24 June, 2017

10 Ways to Use Zoflora

I am a huge fan of Zoflora, it's my number one cleaning product at the moment.
  For those that haven't heard of Zoflora before then, it's a concentrated disinfectant solution that comes in a variety of fragrances to leave your home smelling fresh and super clean.

But did you know it has many uses? Today's post I want to show you some of the ways in which I use my trusty Zoflora.

First of all, Zoflora is so cheap if you have a pound style shop near you then you're more than likely to find it in there, you can buy from supermarkets but I think you will find more of a selection in your local £ stores.

The idea is that you dilute yourself using one cap to 400ml of water, I make a solution up in a little spray bottle and use that for all my home cleaning needs.

So what are the brilliant ways in which Zoflora can be used in?

1. Surface cleaner

You can put it on pretty much any surface to clean and disinfect from the bathroom to the living room and kitchen. 

2. Kids Toys

I love to clean the children's toys, it also leaves them smelling fresh as well as cleaning 99.9% of bacteria!

3. Ironing 

A drop in the iron to fragrance all your clothes. 

4. Washing 

Add a drop of your favourite Zoflora into your fabric softener to boost your clothes scent.

5. Radiators

In the winter I like to spray my Zoflora onto a cloth and rub over my radiators so that when the heating is turned on the house smells amazing! 

6. Pets 

I use the pet Zoflora to clean and disinfect all my pets cages, hutches and accessories, I even use it on the dogs outside patio (they have their own area). Just make sure the area is dry before you put your animals on it. 

7. Steam Mop 

Add a drop to your steam mop to help kill any virus and bacteria. I use my steam mop on the floor, sofa, rugs and all over the bathroom. 

8. Toilet 

Add a couple drops neat, into your toilet to leave it smelling fresh as well as killing any germs. 

9.  The Car 

I love using Zoflora to clean the inside of my car. Make up the solution in a spray bottle and away you go. I also spray inside the heaters for extra bursts of fragrance every time I use it.

10. Bins 

Cleaning the bins is always a horrible job, I use Zolfora on both my small bins inside the house and my large outside bins.

So that is some of the ways in which we use Zoflora in our household. Let me know if you have any other uses in the comments below.



  1. Great ideas, Thank you! I'm new to Zoflora so this is fab x

  2. I love Zoflora, my Mum always used it. I use it as you do but I didn't know there was a pet friendly one & i'm definitely going to follow your radiator tip, that's a great idea, thanks.


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