27 June, 2017

5 Gift Ideas for Teachers

It's almost the summer holidays for us parents, which means there is one final job we have to sort out, the teachers thank you presents! 
I know a lot of people do give gifts and a lot don't, so it's personal preference. I personally think it's a lovely gesture especially if they've spent a year or more helping your child to grow in education. 

My son has had the same teacher for two years now and it is time for him to say thank you so I have round up some of my favourite teacher gifts and all for under £20.  

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1. Flowers 

Flowers are always a perfect present if you can find out if their teacher has a favourite flower then even better. You can make your own flower cones extremely cheap by buying your flowers from supermarkets or market stalls and then buying some fancy paper to wrap them in. You could add a bow and a tag to make it extra pretty! 
Another way to present a flower is in a pot, again you can decorate the sides, add bows, tags and even little signs. 

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2. Frames 

Pretty personalised frames are a lovely gift and with such a wide range of ideas to choose from you can make them at home from next to nothing or buy offline again for under £20. 

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3. Teacher Hampers 

How about a mini hamper, adding some of your child's teachers favourite things or gifts you think they may like.  Things you could add into a hamper: a mini bottle of wine, stationery, chocolates, candles, homemade baked goods and a mug. 

You can easily make a hamper for £20, buying from shops like pound stores and Homesense can save you so much money as well as finding some fantastic items.  If you want to know more on hampers then pop on over to my post on how to make the perfect hamper

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4. Emergency Kit 

This is what I have done for my son's teacher, I have filled a little box with all the things a teacher may need in an emergency. From plasters, rubbers, pencils to mints, stickers and stamps. 
To keep the costs down again look in pound stores and online, especially eBay and Amazon.
You can be as creative as you like with how you display from a like wooden crate to the plastic acrylic craft boxes. 

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5. Personalised Gifts  

And last but not least is a personalised/personal gift. If you know your child's teacher likes to drink tea or coffee then how about buying them a lovely mug/travel mug to drink from, you could even put their name on it. You could ask a few other mums to contribute and buy a gift card to a Starbucks or Costa to go inside too!
If you know your teacher always had their nails painted then how about buying a couple nail polishes, put in a little box or bag and decorate with a ribbon and a tag. 
And last but not least a bottle of wine will always go down a treat. 

I hope you liked my gifts for teachers if you have any good suggestions leave them in the comments. 

What are you buying your child's teacher this year? 



  1. Aww! What lovely ideas. I love the emergency kits! Fantastic x

    1. Thank you very much, I do like the emergency kit too. I just hope his teacher does as well. :)


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