10 July, 2017

10 Things to do at Butlin's

For those that have never been to Butlin's, this is a guide just for you. A guide featuring some of our favourite places/activities which I recommend all families to take part in.

1. Danger Mouse Show (Live Shows)

I had to include this as my first because it was such a good production.  The kids were glued but it was also extremely enjoyable for the adults. My two boys happily went down to sit close to the stage and I can tell you they did not move an inch and for my 3-year old, I couldn't believe it! He's not got a long attention span, especially with things like tv and shows so for him to sit for 45 minutes, I was surprised and extremely impressed.

2. 3D Shows 

We were given tickets to see Giggle Planet, the kids loved it. It was extremely interactive and the even put a camera out to the audience for some extra giggles.
The quality of the 3D is also much better than the cinema because things really fly at you and get very close. This was Archie's first 3D experience and he jumped at everything but he was in fits of laughter so a massive thumbs up from us.

3. Soft Play 

Our two loved the soft play and what's handy is that it's right behind the main stage, Liam and I were able to sit with and have a drink and the boys were in view across from us.  I think Alfie easily clocked up over an hour in there because he wouldn't come down, not even for food! In the end, I had to ask the members of staff to get him out!

4. Swimming Pool 

The pool is a definite trip, it's a good size with slides, wave machine and even a mini slide for younger children to climb on and slide down. we all had a fantastic time. Next time I must remember to wear contacts though!

5. Fun Fair 

The traditional fun fair definitely had me reminiscing, rides include the dodgems, Helter Skelter, carousel and the chair -o- plane.  As well as many rides there are some traditional stalls and a place to get your fun fair food such as doughnuts and candy floss.

6. Shoreline Restaurant

This is the hotel that we stayed in, the food and service were terrific. I would highly recommend families to stay here. The staff were all lovely as well, we had a little issue in our room which they corrected, they provided extremely quick service and a goodwill gesture to say sorry.

7.  Bognor Beach 

Butlin's is right next to the local beach, it's so close in fact that all you needed to do is walk out the gate and across the road.  The beach is unfortunately pebbled, so if you don't like pebbled beaches this may not be for you but the kids loved it and the water was so clear we could see little fishes swimming around us.

8. Billy Bear Bedtime 

In our hotel, there was a special bedtime visit from Billy Bear. The kids meet down in the lobby and were all taken to Billy's own bedroom in the Hotel. I'm not sure if any of the others have this but I know the Shoreline hotel is specifically for young children.  We all went up to the first floor, you can't miss Billy's room.  The room its self is very different to the rest of the hotel, Billy's room is kitted out in red and yellow and with very overshaped / cartoon styled furniture.  The kids thought it was the best thing ever, they went to bed extremely quickly when we got back to our rooms which was a bonus!

9. Family Fun-Karts 

You can hire your own family Kart for 30 mins to go off exploring the park, this is something we really wanted to do. unfortunately, we were unable due to an overbooking and with it being our last day there was no option to go again. However, from seeing everyone else it is a definite must activity.

10. Scoop Ice Cream 

Hot weather means lots of ice cream and the scoop has some delicious ice cream.

I hope you found this post useful, don't forget to check out my other post on how to save money on your Butlin's holiday here


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