07 July, 2017

Butlins Money Saving Tips

This week we took the boys on their first Butlins holiday, both Liam and I went as children and we thought that the boys would enjoy it just as much as we did.

Before we went I looked online as much as possible to see what I should pack, where is best to eat, what activities are a must and anything else I could think of.
I wanted us to have a good time but I didn't want us to spend a small fortune either, I know how expensive holidays can be and I'm all for saving money where I can. So I thought I would put a little post together with my own tips on how to save money for those who are either like me and like to budget whilst on holiday or if you only have a little budget to work with.

Booking Tips 

First thing is to book out of season, our holiday was booked just before the start of the summer holidays. A couple weeks later and the same holiday we have just been on is almost £350 more.

Stack codes, we were able to stack several codes on our holiday which gave us a nice discount on our holiday.  Always look for online codes before you pay full price!

If you aren't going to be in your rooms much then go for a cheaper accommodation, you can rent a variety of accommodation from rooms and hotels to apartments and chalets (in Minehead only).
These can vary in prices so compare them all and see what fits your budget best.

Food Tips

Food on site food can be expensive so save yourself some money and bring yourselves some snacks.
Before we left I made snack bags for each person for our stay.

We also brought a crate of water and squash as drinks can be extremely expensive too and if you're in the hotel then you have something to drink at night.  Your Hotel room/apartment will have a fridge which we have found so handy to store drinks and food in.

We filled our boots at breakfast so that at lunch we didn't need much and if the kids were hungry we brought them little snack wrap kits from the onsite supermarket to go with some items in their snack packs. The snack wrap kits were £2 and the Diary Lea Lunchables were £1.69 so a lot cheaper than a lot of the food here. For example, a regular piece of Cod from the fish and chip shop is £5.20 that doesn't include chips.

You can visit the Butlins website to download the menus of certain restaurants, so I do advise doing that so you can get a rough idea of how much a meal is likely to cost.

We dined at Paper Johns on our first night and our bill was £45 that was for 4 drinks, 2 kids meals and 2 buffets, however, our dining experience wasn't the best so I personally couldn't recommend eating there.

I think next time we would try self-catering so we could save more money as our weekly food shop is normally £60 for four of us and we spent that in almost a day just on food and drinks.

Activity Tips

There are many free activities such as shows and fairground rides but then there are a lot of things you will need money for especially the arcade! There are two arcades in Butlins one in the skyline tent and one in the fairground area. So be aware that the kids will want lots of change to play with.

A lot of the shows are free but there are some that you need to pay for and pre-book for,  these seem to be around the £5 per person range. You can check online to see what will be on during your stay again so you can budget more money if you need to.

Sporting activities also have a charge depending on what your child wants to do and these range from adventure golf and archery to Ariel adventures, volleyball and Go Karting. Prices vary from £2.50 - £8 per person.

Souvenir Tips

All children will love to hit the gift shop and there is a range of items for a variety of prices many items can be bought for under £10, however, the most popular items are the Billy Bear & Bonnie Bear soft toys which are about £15 each.

We didn't let the kids into the gift shop instead we gave them a £20 budget each and I went in to buy a Billy Bear and some smaller gifts. We then surprised them by putting them on their beds whilst they were out at a show so when they came back it was a magical surprise for them which they really loved, it was probably more exciting than letting them loose in the gift shop because they weren't expecting it. You can shop on the Butlins website before you go as well if you wanted to pre-buy the kids' things instead of buying them on site.

Another thing that you can do which I was going to do but ran out of time was to pre-make a goodie bag to bring to Butlins with me.
So instead of spending too much in the gift shop, I was going to buy pirate themed accessories such as pens, stickers, chocolate coins etc and just add the Billy Bears when we got here.

We stayed in the Shoreline Hotel which is designed from the outside to look like a cruise liner and inside it's all decorated with a nautical theme, which our two just loved!

I hope you enjoyed my Money saving tips if you have any then let me know in the comments below!


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