24 July, 2017

How I Keep Organised - With Printables

Being organised has always been a natural thing for me, I can remember at a young age liking order and things clean.
For me a clean and organised life is a happy and stress-free life, when things are messy and unorganised my mind feels cluttered and everything is one big jumble. It makes me extremely crabby and unable to process things.

I wanted to share the tips I use that help me keep organised and on top of life. So for those that need a starting point on how to organise this is for you.

1. A little bit each day - Everyday I do a little bit of cleaning and organising.
keeping on top means that my jobs are quick and easy, giving me more time to do other things. When you let it pile up is when it becomes a major task and a time consumer.

2. Tidy Basket - Keep a tidy basket close by, so as your sorting you can put things that don't belong in that room into the basket ready to go back in its place.

3. Everything has a place - Everything in our home has its own space from an under stairs shoe and bags storage system to a crafts cupboard and candle drawer.
It makes life so much easier because  I can find everything I need and I know where everything goes as I'm tidying away.

4. Check list - My most valued tool in keeping my life organisedI have printable lists and notebooks of lists for everything!
I keep a checklist on what foods and cleaning products I have in stock, kids school uniforms and even Birthday and Christmas presents I have bought through the year.
I do this because I will always know what I've got and if I'm running low or need to buy anything then its right in front of me.

This is the fun part of the post because I have made it so you can download my organisation sheets. From my weekly meal planner and shopping list to a school uniform checklist and my favourite Christmas present gift sheet!
All you have to do is click here! If you use my printouts tag me on social media so I can see your organising.

5. Get everyone involved - My last and final tip is to get the whole family involved. Both Our children have to make and clean their bedrooms before school each morning, at 3 and 6 years old they are responsible for their bedroom to be clean and their toys in the toy room downstairs to be tidied away after play. As well as this being helpful to me it really teaches them to respect their things and to look after them.  It also means they are sharing the work load and helping mum, so I have more time to play with them.

I hope you liked my tips on how I keep organised, there are many more posts on organising which you can find here on my blog, do go check them out. 

If there is anything you want to see me cover in my next post let me know in the comments. :) 


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