20 August, 2017

My Disney Traditions Wish List

As a massive Disney fan, it would be no surprise to say that I have my own Disney collection.  There are so many Disney collectors about and we all collect various things, from the plushie addicts and the mug stashers to the figurine and doll displayers. Most Disney fan will have one area of collecting that they have a real passion for and one of my is my Disney Traditions. 
If you aren't sure on what a Disney Transition is then it's a beautifully carved and sculpted Disney figurine by the amazingly talented Jim Shore. 

So far I have over 40 wonderful pieces by Jim Shore and with people always asking me which ones I want next I thought I'd share my wish list. 
This will also help my sister with birthday and Christmas presents so Stephanie pay attention!  ha ha! 

 I don't want or need to collect every figurine or every set that is realeased, for some its a serious business but I, unfortunately, don't have that much space to collect them all. So for me it about collecting the ones I love and enjoy.

I have to include anything The Little Mermaid, Ariel is the reason I fell in love with all things Disney and these are a few that I would really like to own.  I love the sea horse piece but it's mega hard to find without being ridiculously overpriced now it's a retired piece. 

I do love my Disney princesses and these 4 are a must add to my collection. 

Another favorite of mine is the Disney animals especially the dogs. I love love love this one of Nana.

last but not at all least is these American exclusive Traditions. Not ever Tradition is released over here and these are definitely on my grail list! Luckily these are impossible to get just a bit steeper in price with the shipping and import taxes added on. 

So that's my current wish list, let me know what Disney things you collect and if you collect traditions do you have any of the ones I have on my list? 


18 August, 2017

Days Out in The Cotswolds // Birdland

Today the boys and I, along with my mother in law and their great Narna took a trip down the road to the quaint little village of Bourton-on-the-water. 
I myself have had many little trips to this idyllic little village as an adult and a child. I remember my grampy bringing my sister and me to the motor museum to see the famous Brum, my dad taking us to the little model village and telling us that there was little people living inside, to my Nanny and Grampy taking us and letting us paddle in the river Windrush.

It's a beautiful place to visit which holds a lot of memories for me and memories I want to share with my own children, so our first visit was to Birdland
You can't visit Bourton-on-the-water without stopping here and it's literally right next to the car park.

Admission fees are fantastic and if you are local you can purchase season tickets from as little as £13.95 a child, an amazing price if you ask me! 

You can also have your hand stamped so if you wanted to come back later once taking a stroll through the village then you can.

Birdland is home to many species of birds, 130 to be exact as well as to a few no feathered guests such as small reptiles and 30 very large dinosaurs! 

Talks are held throughout the day, the penguin talk was extremely popular whilst we were there so we decided not to watch but I do love penguins so slightly gutted to have missed out but we went on a really busy day. 

There is an onsite cafe which over looks the river Windrush, which flows through the park and is home to the flamingos. It's a beautiful sight to be able to have your lunch and watch the flamingos stroll on by. 

A fairly new addition to the park is the Jurassic Journey trail, travel in time to 65 million years ago to the time of the dinosaurs! Queue the Jurassic Park theme tune. 

Walk through and spot some of your favourite dinosaurs from a baby stegosaurus to the king of the dinosaurs, the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Enjoy searching for your favourite dinosaurs, unleash your inner palaeontologist by discovering and searching for fossils.

This was my children's favourite part, they love dinosaurs and I may or may not have told them that these were real dinosaurs before entering! However, after the third dinosaur, they realised they weren't the real deal! Haha! I tried!   

Our children absolutely loved their time at Birdland and yours will too! 


07 August, 2017

Disney Giveaway!

Like many others, I am a self-confessed Disney geek! I love anything and everything Disney, from collecting Limited edition dolls and Jim shore pieces to singing at the top of my lungs to any Disney song that I hear and spending my evening in with the family watching our favourite Disney movies.

I have a little something to say thank you for all my lovely readers. One person will be receiving this lovely Minnie Mouse "Le Vie en Rose" Traditions piece.  This piece is new, sealed in its box. You can see exactly what she looks like as I have my very own, which is the one I have used in the photo.

Good Luck to everyone that enters! 

Tell me who is your favourite Disney character and why? 

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