26 September, 2017

Disney's Tangled Swinging Locks Castle Review

Earlier this year Disney launched a brand new programme called Tangled the Series.
For those that have seen the original film will know the storyline, for those that haven't it's the story of Rapunzel, a princess who was stolen from her kingdom as a baby and locked away in a tower by the jealous and greedy Mother Gothel because of her magical healing hair. 

The series focuses on Rapunzel's life after being reunited with her family and her fitting into everyday royal life.


With the launch of the series comes a selection of new Disney merchandise which we have been super lucky to review two products from the line.

Spin 'n Style Rapunzel 

First up is the Spin 'n Style Rapunzel doll,  Tangled fans now have the chance to restyle Rapunzel's  long locks with a selection of fun hair accessories.

Squeeze Rapunzel's dress to make her spin as you style her hair and when you're finished why not add a couple of clips or hair plugs to finish the look.

Box Contents 

1 x 11" Rapunzel Doll 
2 x Hair clips 
6 x Hair plugs
1 x Hair Brush 

The doll is very easy to use, there are some fun additions to play with, it would of been nice to of had more of a selection in hair accessories but a lovely toy for any little child that loves dolls and Disney.

Spin 'n Style Rapunzel £24.95

Swinging Locks Castle 

Next up is Rapunzel's Swinging Locks Castle, a double sided play set with many accessories and even a zip line!
Here your little ones can explore Rapunzel's castle, from chasing Rapunzel and Pascal down the long locks zip line to hoisting and lowering Pascal in his bucket.

Explore the castle both inside and out, with many adventures to be made by your little ones.
And when all the adventures have finished Rapunzel can take a nap, finish a painting or spin the sundial at the top to make the lanterns whirl in the night sky.

Assembling the playset is extremely easy and took me a matter of seconds, so can easily be assembled by a child if needed.

Swinging Locks Castle £41.99

This is a must have play set for any Disney Princess and Tangled fan,
With so much fun to be had for your little ones, this is a perfect gift and even better Christmas present for those like me who are shopping already.

*All items featured were sent in exchange for a review, all thoughts and photos are my own unless stated.



  1. oh wow this looks amazing, my little girl would love this as she is a huge Tangled fan x

    1. My Little boy is the same he loves watching Tangled. x


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