26 September, 2017

Star Wars the Force Link Starter Set & Interactive Kylo Ren Review

We love Star Wars in this house, my eldest has just started getting into the films which is fantastic.  As a family, we have all grown up in different era's of the Star Wars franchise, Mr.S grew up watching the Empire Strikes Back and Revenge of the Jedi. I grew up watching The Phantom Menace, Revenge of the Syth and Attack of the Clones and our boys will grow up with Rogue one, The Force Awakens and many more including the newest Star Wars film The Last Jedi. 

This week we have been testing out some of the newest Star Wars toys from the upcoming film, 
A Force Link Starter Set and an interactive Kylo Ren Figure.

Star Wars Force Link Starter Set and Figures

Welcome to the force, the force link starter set is a wearable electronic ID reader that when in play brings your force links characters to life via motion controlled phrases. 

This wearable wrist device was a firm favourite for 6 year old, Alfie, it was extremely easy to set up. Once taken from the packet, the only setup was to install some batteries and away he could play! 

The wristwatch is extremely easy for children to put on. To activate the device a tap is required on the force link and it's time to play! 

The device is best used with a figure, we had Kylo Ren in the starter pack and then a separate pack with a classic stormtrooper in. You gotta love a stormtrooper right? 

Each character has a mini chip inside that is detected by the force link when held close by. One of the fun things about this set is that it is compatible with other toys in the force link series. 

The 3.75 inch scale figures are extremely detailed, I was extremely impressed by the quality and wouldn't hesitate to purchase more for Alfie to play with.  However, for younger children like Archie (3 years old) I would be more inclined to give him a larger toy like the large interactive Kylo Ren figure. 

Link starter set £24.99 
Single figure pack £9.99

Interactive Kylo Ren Figure 

This interactive Kylo Ren figure is a perfect addition to any Star Wars fans collection. With over 60 animated phrases, little and even big kids will love to reenact their favourite scenes with this toy. 

Kylo Ren comes with a removable Helmet, which when attached to his head activates authentic voice phrases and sound effects from the film.  

For more sound effects press the buckle on Kylo's belt, he will also activate sounds and phrases with a shake.  Watch out for Kylo Ren's light sabre, battle sounds are activated when motion is detected. 

The quality of the figure could be better, in my opinion, I wouldn't want to pay the full price as I feel the figure isn't as well made as it could have been. The detail and likeliness of the figure to the real Kylo Ren is spot on, however, the materials used to make the doll is extremely lightweight and I would have expected that for the price of £37.99 he would at least be poseable but his arms and legs do not bend which is a shame.

Both of my boys have had hours, of fun with both toys but for us, the force link starter set was our winner. 

* Items in this post where sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and photos are that of my own. 


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