27 September, 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight Dragonstorm Figure Review

I remember Transformers as a child, one toy in particular that I remember playing with was the Optimus Prime transformer truck. I have no idea who's it was but I remember transforming it and being utterly amazed by the idea of a car turning into a robot. 

Now I'm going to tell you a little secret, I haven't actually watched any of the Transformers films as of yet but after seeing the above trailer I think we are going to have to have a movie night. 

Dragonstorm is a three-headed fire-breathing dragon that at the flick of a button transformers into a knight.  Featuring Cyberfire technology which when interaction is made with other Cyberfire  Transformers reveals hidden symbols. 

There is no assembling required except for attaching the Dragonstorm's tail and wings. I actually found the wings extremely annoying as they kept falling off, I think a better clip is needed especially, knowing that children can play rough and these wings will not stay on. 

To Transform the Dragonstorm into the Knight you need to press and hold the handle on the back of the Dragonstorm, pulling the handle up and back to reveal the Knight. It's a one motion change so extremely easy for children to do themselves. 

In Knight mode the arms are posable being able to lift them up and bend at the elbows, However, I was disappointed to see that the legs are fixed and do not move.  The tail from Dragonstorm mode is removed to be used as a sword in the knight's hand. 

There are two ways to activate sound, one by pressing the button on the knight's chest, and secondly by pulling the handle. 
Watch the head of the dragon and Knight light up as they speak, with over 20 sound effects and phrases from the film. 
Phrases include "We are sworn to protect", "Three heads are better than one" and "Quintessa stand down!" roaring and other mechanical sounds can also be heard.

The detailing to the overall toy is fantastic attention to detail has been thoroughly thought out as every single piece of plastic is covered in a design or pattern of some sorts. Even the handle is appropriately designed in the overall style of the product, so doesn't look out of place at all. 

Batteries are required for this toy however they do come included which saves me one less job. 
If you would like to purchase more batteries then this toy takes 2 x AAA. 

Overall I think I don't think I would personally buy this, I feel its ridiculously overpriced for what it is and can do. This time I feel that your really only paying for the brand name on this one. 
The wings and the fact that the legs don't move is a huge letdown and for £79.99 I just can't justify the spend. 

If you are looking to get this then I would highly recommend buying this at a reduced price. 


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