25 October, 2017

Simon Optix Game Review

 Simon Optix has had an upgrade!  This 80's classic is now playable via a headset!
Put on the headset watch and repeat the pattern! Following the light sequence using your hands, watch the game intensify as the sequences get longer. Playable on your own or sync with friends. 

The game comes fully assembled just pop in the batteries and your good to go! The headset should fit most head sizes and there are adjustable straps to make it bigger or smaller if needed. 

I have never actually played Simon Optix so for me this was my first time and it was extremely easy to play. Pop on the headset and press the power button, then press the power again to start the game. You will then see a light flash, on the visor, there are 4 coloured ovals these show you where each colour sensor is. Watch the colours light up and then repeat the sequence, keep your hands close if they are too far away it won't register. 

Hear the sounds to help you know how you're doing, there is a sound for a correct sequence and a sound for a wrong sequence.  After a couple of games, extra moves are added from doubles to swoops and double swoops. 

If your lucky enough to have a friend with the headset then you can sync them together to play. 
I didn't have this option, however, the manual explains it all so you shouldn't have any issues. 

What I liked about this game is that it can be social, we were able as a family to all sit and enjoy the game even if we weren't wearing the headset.
Both the boys were able to play even little Archie, at 3 years old I thought he would struggle but with a bit of extra help, he was able to play like the rest of us.

For those wanting new Christmas games then I would highly recommend buying Simon and maybe even a pair so you can play with a friend! 

Simon Optix retails for £29.99 available at most large toy retailers. 


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