24 November, 2017

How to Survive Black Friday Weekend

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Black Friday is set to be one of the busiest days of the year, with shops going all out to give you the biggest and best deals they have to offer. 
Today I want to share my top tips on how to survive the Black Friday weekend and how to make your money stretch even further. 

1. Make a List 

Only buy want you really want/need people go crazy buying because they are on a deal but if you don't need it don't waste your time and money. 

2. Check and Compare 

Check and compare your items with other shops, you'd be surprised to see how different each shop prices their items! One shop had a lego set I wanted for £15 but I doubled checked through other online stores and I found the same item for £9.99 in the clearance section! So it definitely pays to shop around.

3. Cashback 

This is the perfect time to get your cashback, sites like Quidco, TopCashback, Swagbucks, and  Nectar allow you to shop in all your favourite stores via their sites and log your transactions to reward you with your cashback. 
Some bank accounts also offer a cashback reward system so check yours before doing your shopping!

4. Online 

Going into store can be helpful but the likelihood is that it will be packed, so for stress-free shopping, I suggest online. You can do it from the comfort of your own home and without any of the crazy feral behaviour you sometimes see with the Black Friday events. I know I will be staying well away from the shops this weekend, me and two kids in the middle of a Black Friday event is probably the worst idea ever! 

5. Coupons, Vouchers & Reward Cards

Now every store is different but always check for any extra codes or vouchers there may be floating about especially online.  
If you have a student card use that for your extra discount too! Just because its already on a fabulous deal doesn't mean you cant get it even cheaper!
And Lastly, don't forget to use your reward cards for earning extra points or for spending on if you're like me and save the points up all year round its free money to use! 

Bonus Tip 

If you are on Facebook there are many money saving groups and pages that will be posting some of the best deals this weekend. I highly recommend joining them and setting your notifications to alert when they post so you don't have to do all the hard work. 

Pages like 10 ways to have more money, Playpennies and Extreme Couponing and Deals UK are favourites of mine. 

And lastly, don't forget that this weekend there will be many retail staff working overtime to help provide you with the best deals their company has to offer. Please remember to be kind and respectful to them and each other.


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