20 November, 2017

Roarin' Tyler the Playful Tiger

Recently Archie and I were sent the newest member of the FurReal Family Roarin' Tyler the Playful Tiger! Fur Real is a well known and long established brand, I remember growing up with many of the fur real toys myself so I had extremely high hopes for this little cub! 

Tyler is a playful tiger with interactive features and sounds effects which can be triggered and activate by petting over his sensors.

With over 100+ sound and motion combos, watch Tyler move his eyes, ears, mouth, and tail as you interact with him.

Tyler loves his toy chicken, pop it in his mouth and listen to Tyler chew and play with it, if he's really cheeky you may even hear him pass wind!
Tyler loves to make sounds as you stroke him, activate purring by stroking Tyler along his back, head and chin. Tyler also likes to chat you will often hear him making lots of cub noises as you play. 

Archie loves his pet tiger, I often find Archie including Tyler into his playing as well as Tyler joining us for dinner and bedtime stories! The little cub has truly become part of the family.

I love the concept of this toy, however, I do think for the price I would have liked to of seen Tyler actually walk rather than just pouncing.

Tyler retails for £134.99 

To see Tyler in action watch the video below.


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