03 November, 2017

Super Mario Monopoly Review

We all have a classic family game and in our family that is Monopoly. As a child, I remember many evenings sitting at my grandparent's house with my sister playing the game. It was the perfect way to have quality family time, there is nothing like a good board game night.

Hasbro recently sent us the newest Monopoly and its something we were quite excited for, the Super Mario Monopoly. Two iconic and classic brands merging together it's got to be good right! 

Normally Monopoly collaborations see no change to the game or its classic layout, it's just a themed board with a small change here and there. However, this is the first where the game is extremely different and there is a new set of rules to play!   

The first thing you notice is that the board has been simplified, there are your standard monopoly places such as Go, Go to Jail, Jail/Just Visiting and Free Parking but that is where the similarities end. 
The houses have been reduced from 22 down to 16 spaces, there are also no houses or hotels to be added. There are no chance or community chest cards instead there are Super Mario themed warp pipes that allow you to be transported around the board, a coin block to award you with extra coins and a thomp that makes you lose coins. 

This is also one of the first Monopoly's without a proper English currency used.  Instead, 1 or 5 point coins are used to pay and I do have to say there aren't a lot of coins that did surprise me when I had to sit and pop each coin out from its cardboard sheet. 

Another new rule is that passing Go generates a boss battle, in a boss battle you must roll your dice to win a higher score than whats on your boss battle card if you win the points are yours. If you fail then other players on the board are able to take your points. 

The last big change in the game is the use of two dices, you have your standard dice and then a power-up dice. This dice enables you to steal coins from others, earn more coins and depending on your character will depend on different degrees on your power-ups. There is a card that comes with each character which states each characters power-ups. 

We found the game extremely easy to set up which is a massive bonus when playing with children. My two want to get stuck in and hate the waiting stage so to have it easy to assemble is a massive plus. 

The boys loved the choice of characters to choose from and they loved that you can buy extra figures to go with the game if they wanted too! 

However, that is where our positives end, I was extremely disappointed that it was such a change to the classic game I know and love. I found the rules extremely confusing at times and I spent most of the time reading the rules and the power-up cards because I wasn't sure on what was going on. I'm sure over time I would have gotten the rules but it doesn't feel like the Monopoly I know and love. 

For the right people this would be the perfect game but for us, it was more stressful than anything else and for that, I wouldn't recommend for younger children. 

However, if you are looking for a Monopoly game with a twist then this is the game for you! 


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