06 December, 2017

What to Buy in the Boxing Day Sales

As much as I look forward to Christmas I'm also extremely excited about the Boxing Day sales. For me saving money is much more important than spending money. Why pay more for an item when you know it's going to be on sale? Everything now a day is about money and if I can save money here and there then I'm going to.  My readers will know that one of the ways I save money and a lot of money is through buying presents in advance using seasonal sales.

In this post I'm going to talk you through my Boxing day tips and what items are best to buy, so if you are looking to be more organised for next year keep reading! If you want even more help on saving money for next Christmas take a look at my post on 10 Ways to Save Money for Christmas.

First up I say to myself what do I need then what do I want as these can be two completely different things. I then make a list of practical items and my treat items, below is the system I use to complete my Boxing Day shopping.

Wrapping Paper, Gift Tags and Cards 

Now these are already fairly cheap items so after Christmas, they are going to be pennies but I always stock up.
 Last year I was able to get wrapping paper for 5p a roll but just a couple days before they were at £2 a roll. So I bought 20 rolls and saved myself £39 which is an amazing saving. To make my money go even further I bought all year round wrapping paper (themed with stars and stags) saving me extra money on birthdays or events where I needed to bring a wrapped gift.

I then do the same with any cards and tags etc and put them in a draw that I call The Present Draw. The Present Draw is always filled with cards, wrapping paper, tags and then small gifts that can be used if needed.

Small gifts 

I love popping into the supermarkets and places like Boots and Superdrug on Boxing Day to stock up on small gifts and stocking fillers.
Again pick non-Christmas themed items and you can use them all year round. Also, any small kids gifts are perfect for those last minute school parties!

Items I like to buy are things like....

- Stickers
- Stationary
- Kids crafts
- Kids books
- Christmas Stocking Fillers
- Beauty gifts
- Candles
- small toys
-Blind bags

Christmas Clothing 

Christmas clothing will be next to nothing, perfect timing for buying clothes for next year and what I do with the boys is to buy one -two sizes up to cater for any growing. I also do the same with hats, gloves and any other Winter themed clothing.

Christmas Decorations 

Decorations will be slashed from Christmas Eve if not before so get stocked up whilst you can, Christmas can be expensive and if you're like me and love having a house filled with Christmas decor then the sales are the perfect time to stock up!


We all want to treat ourselves after Christmas and the sale is the perfect opportunity, this year I have asked for Money so I can buy a few new bits for my camera so that will be my treat this year. I'm hoping to find some good deals either instore or online so I'm already on the lookout.

(Image Souce)

Christmas Presents 

Last but by no means least is buying presents for next year, now a lot of people always say to me but I won't know what to buy for such and such next year.  If you find it extremely hard to shop for a certain family member or friend and don't think you could guess what they might like then my advice is to put some money away as a starting point for their gift next year. I always have a rough budget per person so I would put that money aside in a Christmas jar, by December I would have the money sat waiting. But if you do want to buy and know what sort of things they like then go for it and start your shopping early. For the presents, I purchased last year for this Christmas I know I saved about 80% off the original retail price.

Many companies bring out the same gift sets year after year so buying them in the sale will save you so much money.

I hope you have found this useful and if anyone has any other tips they would like to share or have any questions then please leave them in the comments below. 

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