03 January, 2018

Blogging Goals for 2018

Why hello 2018!  

Such a fresh new year with so many amazing adventures to be had! This year I'm focusing all on the blog, I'm not making any resolutions in my personal life but instead focusing all on the blog.

2017 was a low year on the blog for me but I'm back with a spring in my step and what better than to start the year with a post on my blogging goals for this year! 
This year I would like to go full time with my blog, dip my toe into Youtube and really live in the blogosphere that I have been nervously standing on the outside for way too long. 

F R I E N D S 

My first goal of the year is to make more friends, over the last few years blogging has lead me to meet some lovely people and some lifelong friends but real life had ended up in the way and those friendships have drifted or completely disappeared. 

This year I would love to make some more friends and reconnect with old friends. I always feel so anxious meeting new people because I'm terrified I won't be liked and will end up bullied. I know that this is the anxiety talking and not true so this year I will be trying to make more of an effort talking to people and to not hide away. 

S T A T S 

Blogging stats over the years haven't been too much of an issue for me but if I want to make this a job I need to push myself and up my status to get work and opportunities. 

One of my goals for this year is to reach the following on my social media accounts. 


Current following: 6,021
Goal Following: 15k 


Current following: 2,371 
Goal following: 5k 


Current following: 1,214
Goal following: 5k 


Goal: 1k 

So those are my Goals, I have tried to be realistic and not ask for too much. I have found Instagram extremely hard to grow with the ever-changing algorithms that keep happening, so I really want to up my game and change things.  


Probably one of every blogger's goals is to have a large Insta following. Instagram is my favourite platform but I want to up my game and have better content so for the first few weeks into January I will be doing a ton of research into what style/ theme I'd like. 


At last but by no means least this year I want to grow and have fun with my other blog The Cotswold Sprocker (Dog Blog).  I launched in November last year and have only put a very small amount of content up so I would love to grow my blog and take on new opportunities for myself and Honey. 

Well, that's my goals for this year, what are your goals for 2018? 


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