22 January, 2018

It's Oh So Disney: Pocahontas Film Facts

Welcome to the start of a brand new blog series! As many of you will know I'm a huge Disney fan, I live, eat, sleep, collect and sing  Disney all day long! 

One of my absolute favourite thing to do when I have some free time is to explore behind the scenes of each of my favourite Disney films. I have always loved watching the bonus featurettes on my DVD's as well as searching online for documentaries and any extra footage I may come across.  
The whole process of making a film especially an animated one fascinates me it is what inspired me to take Film and Media at A Levels.

It's Oh So Disney is the newest section to my blog featuring everything Disney from film facts and hauls to reviews and travel it's a Disney fans dream!

Pocahontas is starting the series off as it has always been a favourite of mine, created during the Disney renaissance era which personally I think is the best era for Disney films.
It features all the classics from The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast to Pocahontas, Hercules and The Hunchbach of Notre Dame to name a few.

16 Pocahontas Film Facts 

Can you paint with all the colours of the wind.....

1. Pocahontas was the first interracial coupling for Disney, young Native American Pocahontas finds love with British explorer John Smith. The Princess and the Frog have the second interracial coupling with Prince Naveen and Tiana.

2. The film was released on the real Pocahontas's 400th anniversary of her birth year, the exact date is unknown.

3.  The film took 5 years to complete due to the type of complexity of the animation progress, each scene was also rewritten 35 times! - All that hard work really paid off!

4. Pocahontas is based on a true story, unlike many other Disney films that are purely based on folklores and Mythos. Mulan is another example of a Disney film based on a real-life event.

5. Mel Gibson also provided the singing voice for John Smith, not a singer by nature Gibson said he was open to the idea but wouldn't be changing careers over it. 

6. Percy the Pug is historically accurate when researching for the film the director Mike Gabriel found out that in the 17th century British royals would carry small dogs with them.

7. Technically Pocahontas is the first native American Disney Princess, Tigerlily in Peter Pan was!

8. To bring Pocahontas to life 55 animators were used during the film's process, now that's a lot of teamwork right there!

9. Disney was also working on The Lion King at the same time as Pocahontas. Many senior animators choose to work on Pocahontas as they weren't sure on the success of The Lion King but both films did extremely well at box office especially, The Lion King which went on to be a huge success!

10. Pocahontas was the first Disney film with a human best friend.

11. Producers and Directors had to stray away from the original story of Pocahontas due to the fact that in real life Pocahontas was 10 years old and John Smith was in his late 20's. There was no romance in real life between the two characters and sadly Pocahontas died young. The film was given a Disney makeover to make it more suitable for families. However, there are some accuracies to the film Pocahontas did save John Smiths life from chief Powhatan and she did travel to England which is the bases of the second film Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World. 

12. Patrick Stweart and Stephen Fry were both originally lined up to play Governor Ratcliffe. The role was then given to David Ogden Stiers who has had a long career with Disney voicing many other characters such as, Jamba from Lilo and Stitch and Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast.

13.  Pocahontas is the only Disney Princess with a tattoo.

14.  The song If I Never Knew You was removed from the final cut for being too boring, it's actually my favourite song from the film. Luckily on the 10th anniversary, the film was released with the song included.

15. Pocahontas is the only Disney Princess to not change her outfit through the entire film.

16. Famous Comedian John Candy was to voice the sidekick of Pocahontas, a Turkey called Redfeather. Unfortunately, John passed away in 1994, It was then decided that there would be no speaking side kicks and Meeko and Flit were introduced as Pocahontas's new non-talking friends.

I hope you enjoyed the above facts if you have any suggestions for my next choice film please leave them in the comments below. 


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