28 February, 2018

PayDay Board Game Review

Originally released in 1975 PayDay is a classic board game for many of today's adults. I myself never played Payday but my partner remembers this game extremely well and was on hand to show us how to play. 

The game is set up like a calendar, it shows one month with 31 individual squares. Each square has a task that needs to be completed, the aim of the game is to get through the month with the most money once you reach payday and all your bills are paid. 

The game comes with a playing board, 4 counters, 100 task cards, 2 dice, a loan pad and money. The game is designed for 2-4 players and you can either play for one month or two depending on how long you wish to play the game for. For our first go, we decided to choose a one month game and also use only one of the dices as we thought it may be too complicated for Alfie. Again just like the option to play for one or two months, there is an option to play with 1 or 2 dices. 

As you go through the board you have the choice to pick up 3 types of cards these cards will help you with strategising. You can buy and sell items, receive money and even take money from your opponents.  

The game is designed for children 8 years +, however, I would say its quite a grown-up subject (bills and money) so it may be better suited to slightly older children as we did have to stop and explain a lot to Alfie as we went which did prolong the game. I also noticed that he started to lose interest towards the end but I don't blame him adulting isn't always fun! 

I would love to see this game modernised maybe by using a card machine of some sorts as I think it would appeal more to older children and teens this way. 

However, those who have played this game before will love this revamped edition and if you are a bit of a board gaming family it's a classic to add to your collection. 

*I was sent this game in exchange for a review all opinion are my own unless otherwise stated. 


23 February, 2018

Play-Doh Cranky the Octopus Review

Dive under the sea to play and explore with Cranky the Octopus,  the newest addition to Play-Doh. 
The set comes with Cranky the Octopus, a green base covered in small moulds, six themed accessories and 5 pots of brightly coloured Play-Doh.

Operating Cranky is extremely easy all you need to do is place your chosen Play-Doh into the base and fix Cranky on top. Turn the handle clockwise to reveal Cranky's new tentacles.

Both the boys found this extremely easy to use however smaller children will need an adults help as they may find the refilling and fixing of Cranky on to his base slightly tricky.

As mentioned above there are 6 underwater themed accessories which the boys had so much fun with.  A pair of bright red lobster scissors were the perfect tool for trimming Cranky's rather overly grown tentacles.

A pirates chest the perfect mould for making plenty of gold and speaking of treasure no underwater set can be complete without a clam for moulding a pearl ring. 
The set also comes with a fish mould, a dolphin cutter which we found so useful for making our seaweed and a textured rolling pin which we used to make coral with. 

Priced at £16.99 this is such a lovely set, easy to store in its box and a lovely idea for all those school party gifts! 

Both the boys had so much fun creating their own little under the sea adventure. Alfie is currently learning about animals at school and so we were able to add this in as education by looking into habitats and the different species living under the sea and then making them with our Play-Doh! 

 I would highly recommend buying this set we would like to thank Hasbro for gifting us this set in return for an honest review. 

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