22 March, 2018

FurReal Shaggy Shawn Review

Have you seen the newest FurReal Friend? His name is Shaggy Shawn, a cutie little Yorkie who loves to have his hair played with! 

Archie loves his real-life doggies but they don't have the fur to style as they aren't long-haired. Honey occasionally ends up with her own ear buns but that's about it! But Shaggy Shawn has lots of fur to play with as Archie has been finding out enjoying playing groomers!   

At 24 cm high he is cute and portable, fantastic for your little ones to take out and about with ease and even if us mums end up with the job of carrying him he will fit in most backpacks and large handbags! 

Shaggy Shawn comes with one accessory, his clippers which are fitted with a battery to mimic a buzzing sound.  The toy is perfectly safe to use and will not cut any hair! 
Shawn himself is also animated he will make cute happy sounds when his head is touched.

Archie has really enjoyed his new pet friend, Shaggy Shawn has been a great distraction whilst out waiting for dinner, he's kept Archie occupied during car journeys and he even goes to bed with him. 
It's safe to say he has become a favourite in the house and that is a huge thing for Archie as he's normally obsessed with his Disney Cars.

Lastly, I asked Archie what he thought of his new FurReal Friend. 

Archie, can you tell me what you like about Shaggy Shawn? 

I like him because he is a puppy, he is cute, and I like to play with his hair. Mummy, I like to stick his hair up high! 

In all this is a fab little toy, great for imaginative play and expression of creativity, children will love coming up with new ways to style Shaggy Shawn's hair.  
He is priced £24.99 and found at all major toy stores. 

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* we have been sent this item as a review all opinions and photos are my own unless otherwise stated. 

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