08 May, 2018

Disney Emoji Range Review

As many know we love Disney in this household, with myself heading the Disney obsession there was a high chance that my boys would be Disney mad. We have regular  Disney Nights where we wear our favourite Disney PJs and watch a Disney film altogether. 

Recently we were asked if we would like to review the newest Disney Emoji line which we, of course, jumped at it was also something all three of us could get involved with which is always a lovely thing. 

The boys love unboxing videos at the moment and so instead of doing the usual blog post, we decided to up our game with an unboxing video. Archie was to be our star in front of the camera whilst Alfie decided he wanted to be the director, the star behind the camera and help with the final edit. 

The items that feature are: 

Chat Bubble 

The Chat Bubble is a cute and brightly coloured speech bubble blind bag. 
The container features 2 Disney Emojis along with a flyer of all the others you are able to collect in the series. 
Each bubble can be stacked on each other for fun display! 

Retail Price £2.99

Chat Pack 

This is a larger pack containing 4 visible emojis and one hidden surprise! 
Children will love to see whats behind the mystery cube. We found Beast in ours! 

Retail Price £5.99

Chat Collection 

This large tin designed like an iPhone is the perfect storage for your growing collection of Emojis. 
The tin also comes with two emojis which are visible from the outside. 

Retail Price £9.99 


Children will love Chatties with 4 different designs to collect hear Olaf, Sulley, Ariel and Nemo produce 10 different sounds. To activate just squeeze! 

Retail Price £9.99 


Our movie nights just got a whole lot more fun with our Belle Swapsies pillow. 
The boys can now snuggle up with their cushion or create fun emoji expressions using the expression pieces whilst we are watching a film. 
The boys love using the secret pocket for hiding their favourite Emojis in! 

Choice of Minnie Mouse or Belle

Retail Price £19.99

If you're are a Disney fan you will love the emoji range it's cute and colourful and emoji-tastic!

In the comments below tell me what your favourite emojis to use are, I love to use the crying with laughter emoji along with the heart eyes and shocked face. 


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