05 May, 2018

Hasbro Toy Tribe // Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Review

Archie absolutely loves babies, I have always said he would be a fantastic father when he's older as he's so attentive to any babies he meets. He always wants to check on them and it's a behaviour that I have noticed from a young age. If there is a baby Archie wants to take care of it no matter what it is may it be a human or an animal or even a soft toy!  Recently he's been asking for me to give him a baby brother or sister and whilst I would love to right now is just not the best time to be adding another addition to the family.  However, Hasbro offered us the chance to review the newest  Baby Alive doll which I thought would be the perfect sibling replacement.... until we are ready for the real thing. 

Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls is an interactive baby doll that children will love to play with, children are encouraged to feed Baby Alive with her magic baby food then wait to change her nappy! 

Baby Alive comes with a selection of accessories, a comb, spoon, bottle, pack of two nappies, a mixing pot for her food and the food sachets. 

The first thing Archie wanted to do was, and this is in his words, typical gross small person style "mum lets make her poo!" so that was what we did! 

With only two sachets of baby food, you may want to stock up however, these can be expensive for what they are ranging from £6.99-£10 for a pack of 8.  You can search the web for homemade alternatives just make sure you thoroughly rinse your Baby Alive out or she may go mouldy! 

What I personally like about Baby Alive is the variety. You can choose between having a baby girl or baby boy and there is a selection of hair and eye colour to choose from. 

Pricing is also very good whilst I personally think the food sachets are slightly overpriced the doll, however, comes in at around the £20-£25 mark which I would be happy to pay for. 

But the real question is what did Archie think? 

Archie really enjoyed playing with Baby Alive who he has nicked named Bee. His favourite thing to do was to make her go to the toilet and after that, he loved being able to interact with the other props especially the bottle.  

He did say he wanted Bee to be squishy, Baby Alive is an all plastic doll. I think Archie would prefer those newborn dolls that have the plastic head and hands with a soft torso as he likes to cuddle and take certain toys to bed with him.  Other than that there were no negative comments from Archie. So from the eyes of a 4-year-old, it gets the thumbs up!

* We were kindly sent this item for the purpose of the review all thoughts are my own unless stated. 


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