23 June, 2018

Be Tyre Ready this Summer

This summer the boys and I are going to be touring the Cotswolds. Our plan is to visit as many new and exciting places as well as rediscovering some of our favourites. 
One thing I have been doing is preparing the car, as the only driver in the house and the only one that has any interest in cars that aren't toys, means all the maintenance is down to me.

I have already started a list of what I want to pack and keep for the inside of the car but what about the outside of a car? The first thing I thought about was my car's tyres,  it’s what links you to the road and without those tyres, you aren't going now here!

I remember when I took my test almost 10 years ago my instructor always told me to check my tyres and to this day I still do.

What do you need to look out for on your tyres? 

PSI -  Do you have enough air in your tyres? Keeping your tyres inflated actually makes the car more cost-efficient. Low PSI can cause your tyres to wear out faster and affect the handling of the car.

Over inflating your car will also have an effect causing a faster wear on the tread depth. If you feel your old tyres need replacements because of tread issues, you can opt to book tyres online for Dorset (if you are local there or for any other place) at Point S.

Tread Depth - is your car road legal?  Tred depths should be checked regularly and if you're unsure on how to check this then you can check with a 20p.  Place the 20p in the tread depth and if you cant see the outer band then your tyres are above the legal limit. 

Overal Condition - Does your tyres have any unusual appearances, check for cracks and nails and glass as these catn be picked up whilst driving. 

Its very important to keep on top of your cars test a study by confuse.com found that 2.5 million cars failed their MOT due to tyre issues in a 12 month period. Think about how many accidents could have been caused or where caused due to bad tyres. 

Experts say you should check your tyres weekly for any physical damage and monthly for the tread depth and tyre pressure. 

Is your car summer ready?


11 June, 2018

The Quick Guide to A Memorable Kitchen Makeover

The Quick Guide to A Memorable Kitchen Makeover

 Flipping through home d├ęcor magazines, you come across those exquisitely remodelled kitchens with latest culinary gadgets to cook fancy meals and then you look over to the dull, out-dated version you have at home and feel disappointed for not having enough funds to refurbish. A very basic average cost for kitchen remodelling ranges from £20,000 to £25,000. These figures leave you at a place where you keep wondering if you could ever have your kitchen makeover after all. The best of regular kitchens that sends out hearty meals don’t look as good if they lack maintenance. While maintenance is the key to a clean and tidy kitchen, if you wish for a more revamped look where you don’t have to keep the dollars rolling out of your pocket, here are a few things you can do for a modern interior design in your kitchen space. 

Shelf and storage- How to do them some justice

 No, we are not shopping yet; let’s see what you can do with what you already have. If your kitchen space is not that big and crowded with cabinets, you can consider opening the sides up and going for an open shelf look to exhibit your beautiful serving dishes and bowls. In case you are blessed with an empty wall in the kitchen you can have bought in open shelves with brackets to install them on the wall. What to do, when none of these options are good enough? Read on! 

Paint your way to new cabinets 

So, you love how your cabinets safely store away every kitchen utensil you need and don’t wish to get rid of them any sooner. If your cabinets are in good shape you can just get some paint and carry out a DIY project yourself to avoid extra costs of installing roll-out shelves or other storage units. While paint is a safe choice to stick to a low budget, you can also consider switching up the hinges, pulls or knobs on the cabinet with contemporary ones for an updated version. If your cabinets are made from wood you can also get them sanded and re-stained for a better look. 

Buying an island 101

 Kitchen islands can be really expensive with all the storage space and the high-end finish, but since we are looking for a quick fix without spending way too much for a revamp you can get something unusual and make it work. You can go for vintage pieces at local flea markets or opt for ones with a table like features, for example, a factory cart, repaint and update with a marble top to make your own personal kitchen island without having to spend a buck load of money. Increasing the aesthetic with a gorgeous backsplash If you don’t mind spending a bit while getting a makeover for your kitchen, you can opt for trendy styles and textures when it comes to the backsplash. Make sure you don’t have a cabinetry that’s from the 70’s and pair it up with trendy and fun colour and texture. As an easy option when Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted, it comes to installation you can use stick and peel backsplash. Stencils and paint are also another option to opt for a stylish look if you want to spend less on the backsplash. If you are ready to spend more than just a few bucks you can go for Shiplap. 

Let’s shop for budget countertops

 Stone countertops no doubt look extremely beautiful but what if that’s not something you are ready to pay for? No worries, you can get granite to replace the stonework concept and get a similar upgraded look for the countertops. Formica is a great option when you wish to go for that rocky look for your countertops and it’s cheaper. Now, if you are short on space you could just opt for the island instead but make sure, you choose something that stands out a little and not just some big chunk of a table that would just gather dust in the basement later on.

 More Greens Please!

 That’s not something you often here in a kitchen, especially with kids, while it’s up to you how much green you add to your plate, a kitchen could always use a little green in the makeover process. You can opt for a small herb garden to go just by the sink and use them while cooking or get some small potted flower plants as a part of increasing the aesthetic value in your kitchen. While water is always available in the kitchen, you would need to put a little effort into keeping these babies looking fresh at all times. So what happens when you go for a vacation and come back to dull green wilted plants in your food paradise? 

The faux greens

 We don’t know if you’ve ever been on the red carpet but faux plants have definitely been there and done that. Some of the best indoor plants are succulents and small potted bushes which work great in case you don’t have a lot of space to cover in the kitchen with large indoor plants. These silk plants are customized with fire retardant chemicals that are non-allergens along with UV protection. Since most kitchens are not in the open, you don’t need to opt for UV protection. These technologies along with the fact that they won’t grow and do not need any looking after means when you go for a vacation you will come back to the same old greens you left back at home. 

Lights, Camera and Cook!

 When you have the right light setting in the kitchen, you would get some Instagram worthy pictures of delicious food. Drop the fluorescent and go for can lights or halogen fixtures under the cabinet. It’s all your call, after all each kitchen means something different to the owner. 

Summary: Here’s how you can transform how your kitchen looks with just a few changes within your budget. No high-end gadgets, just a few smart lights, paint, stick and peel backsplash with a few green faux plant toppers can leave your kitchen looking comfy and welcoming for the guests. 

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