23 June, 2018

Be Tyre Ready this Summer

This summer the boys and I are going to be touring the Cotswolds. Our plan is to visit as many new and exciting places as well as rediscovering some of our favourites. 
One thing I have been doing is preparing the car, as the only driver in the house and the only one that has any interest in cars that aren't toys, means all the maintenance is down to me.

I have already started a list of what I want to pack and keep for the inside of the car but what about the outside of a car? The first thing I thought about was my car's tyres,  it’s what links you to the road and without those tyres, you aren't going now here!

I remember when I took my test almost 10 years ago my instructor always told me to check my tyres and to this day I still do.

What do you need to look out for on your tyres? 

PSI -  Do you have enough air in your tyres? Keeping your tyres inflated actually makes the car more cost-efficient. Low PSI can cause your tyres to wear out faster and affect the handling of the car.

Over inflating your car will also have an effect causing a faster wear on the tread depth. If you feel your old tyres need replacements because of tread issues, you can opt to book tyres online for Dorset (if you are local there or for any other place) at Point S.

Tread Depth - is your car road legal?  Tred depths should be checked regularly and if you're unsure on how to check this then you can check with a 20p.  Place the 20p in the tread depth and if you cant see the outer band then your tyres are above the legal limit. 

Overal Condition - Does your tyres have any unusual appearances, check for cracks and nails and glass as these catn be picked up whilst driving. 

Its very important to keep on top of your cars test a study by confuse.com found that 2.5 million cars failed their MOT due to tyre issues in a 12 month period. Think about how many accidents could have been caused or where caused due to bad tyres. 

Experts say you should check your tyres weekly for any physical damage and monthly for the tread depth and tyre pressure. 

Is your car summer ready?


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