21 September, 2018

10 Ways to Save Money at the Supermarket!

How You Can Save Money at the Supermarket 

Are you looking for ways to save some money while at the supermarket?  There are actually a number of tips that you can use to help you achieve your supermarket money saving goals.   

Your Own Carrier Bags 

In October 2015, a new law was introduced which aimed at the reduction of single-use carrier bags to help the environment.  This led to most major retailers now charging 5p per plastic bag that you use. Using your own carry bags will save you anything from 5p- 40p per shop which in a year adds up to £20.  

Most carrier bags are now made from sturdier materials and if one starts to break, there are many retailers that will replace it for you.   keeping a few carrier bags in your car, at home and even your desk at work will mean your always ready for a shop. 

Save Money by Going Online 

Price comparison websites have long been used to help people save money, but a lot of people do not realise that they can be used for groceries as well.  These sites will do all of the legwork when it comes to finding where the cheapest products are across a number of supermarkets.  It is estimated that you could save up to 30% on every shop when you use a comparison website.  

I personally recommended that you look at these websites especially,  if you have a shopping list that you stick to each week.  They will help you find the cheapest options and will tell you about any specials on the items that you usually buy.  

Snack Before You Shop 

If you go to the supermarket on an empty stomach, you will generally find that you spend more than you plan to.  You will generally buy more food to snack on over and above the food that you need for the week.  If you want to save some money, it is worth taking the time to have something to each before you head to the shops.  If you are in a rush or do not have anything to snack on, a few glasses of water will do the trick. Watch out for those end isle offers supermarkets do this on purpose to make you spend more money!  

Have a List 

A great way of ensuring that you save money while you shop is to have a list of what you want to buy and sticking to it.  The list could be details of the meals that you want to make in the coming week.  You should also keep a pen with you as you shop to mark off all of the items that you have bought.   

If you are going to be visiting the same store each week, you could list all of your items by aisle.  This will make your trip faster and will stop you from buying any unnecessary items.  When you have to move constantly from one aisle to the next, you will impulse buy.   

If the thought of carrying about a pen and paper is a bit too archaic for you, there are a number of apps that you can use.  These apps will help you keep track of what you need to buy and keep your costs down.  There are also some apps that will tell you how much everything will cost.  I also try not to take any extra people with me on the food shop my boys often want to sneak in things that are not on the list!

Keep Your Coupons 

If you see any coupons in your local paper or see one online, you should not forget about them.  You could end up saving some money on the product or be able to try out a new brand for less.  There are also some apps that you can use to keep track of your coupons.  You can find some coupons here - http://www.wowfreestuff.co.uk/free-coupons/  

Shop Weekly and Not Daily 

You need to get into the habit of a weekly shop instead of going to the stores each day.  When you plan for the whole week, you will generally find it easier to stick to a budget.  You will also reduce the chances of any impulse purchases as you are not in the stores that often.  

Look Up And Down 

To get you to buy the most expensive items, supermarkets will place them at eye level on the shelves.  The cheaper options will generally be on the bottom and top shelves which are out of your eye line.  This is why you need to ensure that you look up and down when you are going through the shop.  If you don’t, you could be missing out on a serious bargain.   

Look Straight Ahead 

When you get to the checkout, you need to change where you look and only focus on what is in front of you.  The tills still have items around them which are used to tempt you into spending a bit more.  When you do not look at these items, you will lower the temptation and stop yourself from spending more money.   

Get Rewarded 

Reward cards are a fab way to save and earn money. The cashier at the store will often ask if you have one while helps you to pick up points.  These cards will often have prize draws that you can enter and you will be able to spend your points on coupons.  I save mine up all year to spend at Christmas! 

Go Through Reductions 

There are items such as bread, cakes and meat which can be picked up for a reduced price.  Look for these and stick them in the freezer as soon as you are home.  If you are not going to use them at a later date, they will need to be used on the same day as you buy them. You can save up to 90% off each item if you go at the right time and if you unsure when to go ask your local store as each store can vary. 

What tips do you have to save money on your grocery shop? 

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